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  • avater
    Got a pretty big rib tattoo done…. put it on for 1 hour and I didn’t feel a thing… fell asleep during the session. amazing stuff and still numb after for a long time the tattoo came out beautiful too and healing was less painful than without the cream
    Jil Dextra
    Purchased - TKTX BLUE - Feb 2020
  • avater
    This stuff is awesome! i just Had two people tattoo me at once, 4 hours and going strong! Will definitely be purchasing more for my next session.
    Sarah Mccmillin
    Purchased - TKTX GOLD - May 2020
  • avater
    My tattoo healed well and without any distortion, infact better than the ones without the numbing cream…. clean lines thick colour… very good. Had my back tatooed Angel wings didn’t feel a thing. Love it
    Mia Dennis
    Purchased - TKTX RED - June 2020
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